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SAT | co-Artistic Director and co-curator | 2024 - 2019 - 2018

The Semana de Arte Trans (Trans Art Week) began in 2016 as a project to raise visibility for transgender individuals, driven by the Diversity Department of the Montevideo City Council.

In its second edition in 2018, with the inclusion of Leho De Sosa and Delfina Martínez as Artistic Directors and curators, it evolved into an International Art Festival, establishing itself in the national and international cultural scene.

The third edition featured artists from various countries and the first Latin American Trans Art Symposium. Expanding into prominent cultural spaces, it extended with the SAT Expansiva in Rivera and Santana do Livramento. For the 2019 edition, the focus was on analyzing the situation of transgender individuals in the Latin American and Uruguayan context, particularly with the approval of the Comprehensive Law for Transgender People. The goal was to promote participation in art and culture, strengthening alliances with cultural stakeholders.
In 2024, the fourth edition will take place, once again with Leho as its Artistic Director and curator.

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Decolonizar el cuerpo | Curator | 2024 - 2019 - 2018 
Curator Leho De Sosa proposed to Canadian choreographer Brian Solomon the creation of a space for experimentation and creation, which took place during the 2018 SAT session, with the support of the National Institute of Scenic Arts. Transgender/Trans, drag queens, and dancers were invited to explore the "Awakened State."
"This state is achieved first by becoming aware of how our bodies and their functions have been colonized in our lives; colonized by the work we do, our notions of gender, the context in which we live, etc."

Solomon shared the Anishinaabe ideas of Agokwe (two-spirit), their indigenous word for "queer." He explored how delving into these pre-colonial paths empowers the body and opens up a new world of expression. "Two spirits" inhabit your bodies, set them free, and let them express themselves.
Approaching our gender expressions from a decolonizing perspective allows us to shed the external gaze that has often enveloped our construction of identity and expression.
In 2019, the creative space revisited ideas from the initial experience. Brian Solomon collaborated with Carla Morales, an Argentine transgender dancer and activist. The goal was to strengthen the connection of cultural identities influenced by the indigenous peoples of the North and South of the American continent.

ARTCION 1 | Curator and artist | 2019 

In June 2019, Leho De Sosa and Delfina Martínez carried out a performative and collective artistic action, summoning transgender, transsexual, lesbian, gay, feminist, Afro-movement activists, and gender-dissonant individuals to recreate moments inspired by the visual archives of the first Pride march. Participating artists documented the event through photographic and audiovisual means, both digital and analog, resulting in a collection of over 200 images.The collaborative photographic and audiovisual documentation was exhibited at the HUB of the Cultural Center of Spain on June 28, marking the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall uprising. The project received support from the center itself and the Sociocultural Promotion Directorate of the Ministry of Social Development.

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